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The root of the « etiquette » is French. Concerned about the security of its population, French upper classes have set up the first rules at the Middle Age period. It has been, for example, decided that the blade of the knife would face the plate in order to refrain the holder to suddently potentially merder his neighbor. At that time, food is scarce, as well as sacred. That’s why, precepts such as « wash well your hands », or « do not spit out the meat » are advised….

At the XVIth century, the century of the humanism, rules are more focused on the self respect as well as the respect of your surrondings (« do not through dished away », « do not lick your plate »).  Link between the body hygiene and mental hygiene is also point at.

At the XVIIth century, Louis XIV who had decided to make France the country of elegance and refinement, had a great influence on the French Etiquette. He decided, for example, to import forks from Italy and have it wildely used at the royal table.

From the XVIIIth century, codes have been edited to govern customs so-called « a la française »…   



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