Anne de Paris

An original “Finishing Touch” program,
Animated by Anne Kiefer

Based on three complimentary modules and available for small groups, as well as for individuals, it covers all aspects of French and International Etiquette, including Social and Business Etiquette. It is also an excellent way to approach the French culture, learn, or refresh your knowledge in the convivial atmosphere of an elegant and very Parisian apartment or hotel.


French and International social codes and general behavioral expectations.

In this course, you will learn the French and International social codes required to turn the first impression to your advantage and make you confident in every social and business circumstance. Once you understand these principles, concentrate on your business and/or find the right Mr/Ms who is suitable for you!


  • General behavior and elegant gestures in society;
  • How to introduce yourself and how to introduce other people;
  • The art of the handshake, kiss and other international greetings;
  • Business etiquette / Techno etiquette: telephone, mobile and email etiquette ;
  • Manners between men and women….

Your personal image and society dress codes.

The way you dress and use of accessories is crucial to conveying a positive first impression. This program will introduce you to the basics required to create a successful image through proper and elegant dressing in a social, as well as business environment, and the smart use of accessories, jewelery and perfume. The do’s and don’t of dress codes will no longer be a secret to you anymore.


  • The art of elegance: appropriate attire for each situation;
  • Basic dress codes rules: the do’s and don’ts;
  • Business dress codes
  • Importance and proper use of accessories for women and men;
  • General “rules” regarding jewelery and make-up…


International table manners

After a short conference, learn and practice western table manners during a hands-on tutorial lunch that will provide you with all the necessary tools to behave with grace and feel comfortable at table.


  • Manners and posture in the restaurant;
  • The different table settings;
  • Ordering food and wine;
  • How to handle cutlery and glasses;
  • How to select wine: basic rules/ wine appreciation;
  • The do and don’ts when eating…


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